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Personal data protection

The pension-eric.cz website does not collect any personal information by automated means.

The pension-eric.cz website contains an analytic code for tracking site traffic, and this analytical data is processed by Google Inc. For more information about the dates and methods of processing, please visit: https://www.lovesdata.com/blog/2016/what- you-need-to-know-about-google-analytics-and-privacy. The collected data does not identify a specific person and is counted anonymously in the statistics.

The web site pension-eric.cz includes a form for submitting a reservation, so that you have successfully processed the booking, you must complete the form. This form serves as a service order, is sent to the web site by email, and is not stored on the web site itself.

The personal information email is further processed by the guesthouse owner / owner of the website. A personal email is deleted at the latest two years after termination of the communication between the customer and the operator or two years after completion of the agreed service. If the email was printed, the same conditions apply to its shredding.

E-mail can be stored in electronic or paper form if there is an outstanding amount for customer service.